February 2022 Surf Reports by Brucifer

February 2022 Surf Reports by Brucifer

February 2022 Surf Reports by Brucifer: Back in Black!

Enjoy the picture show…

Feb 2022 Surf Reports by Brucifer

And we are very stoked to announce that Brucifire is back with his informative and entertaining commentary from Jeffreys Bay in South Africa.

Where there have been some summer waves already!

Two or three sessions under the belt and its not even Valentine’s Day?! There is a lot of cyclone and frontal activity all over the southern hemisphere right now and you can only wonder if this is a result of the recent volcano in Tonga.

Anyway, a couple cool stories for you to listen to and a few waves for you to watch. Special thanks to Piet Cloete for filming a session featuring the Moroccan Princess Amal, with his drone. Finally some decent footage on the surf report! And a folky fun soundtrack put together by Matt Vend, Sawyer Sauce and The Great Idea (banned). There’s also a crazy kiteboard segment in this particular issue of the brucifire.co.za surf report – which leads me to the new big thing. The new big thing is brucifer.co.za.

Yes, it’s official, Brucifire has a website! it’s still in its formative years at the moment and looks a bit haphazard but we are working on it. But for the most part, it’s Brucifire on tap and online. Soon you might even be able to buy some merch!

And it’s gonna be a lot more fun than those social idiot sites everyone is addicted to, promises Bruce. And you can get a real education too!


Other cool websites and apps by The Sardine News:

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