The online shop is OPEN for business!

Burnt out Brucifire flying with the flamingoes report

The online shop is OPEN for business!

The online shop is OPEN for business! : As of 2023, you can now groove on over to the Brucifire website and order yourself, or your friends and family, some very cool kit!

Brucifire racing flamingoes...from the top all the way to the point
Brucifire racing flamingoes…from the top all the way to the point

Design inspiration

Check out some of the currently available and uber-cool designs carefully selected and argued through with Bruce himself…

A big thank you to the contributors to the design portfolio available on this website. More designs are in the pipeline with names like Jared Aufrigitig coming soon. And with Margie Tuck already heading the super-star artist lineup.

Who else? Design contributions are welcome, please pop to Sean on, or +27793269671.


Since we here in South Africa don’t have a functioning post office, drop-shipping has turned out to be the only way to go for us here on this very dark continent. In fact between load-shedding and the sewage problem, it’s amazing this continent floats at all.

The orders are fulfilled in the west. They are printed, packed and sent al from centralised hubs over there where things still work on this planet.

Delivery is surprisingly fast and effective. And is economically viable since the technology and infrastructure exist over there.


And so we are able to offer high-quality garments at a reasonable price. With delivery included. Right here on this here website.


We accept ALL major credit cards and other payment methods. And PayPal. It’s all very simple and streamlined nowadays.

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