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Ai don’t smoke, don’t drink…Ai just tell lies!

Ai don’t smoke, don’t drink…Ai just tell lies!

Ai don’t smoke, don’t drink…Ai just tell lies!: Recently, here at Brucifire Surf Reports, we had a run-in with Artificial Intelligence – ‘Ai’. I’d like to call him ‘AL’ though. Just sounds so much more musical.

But first…some surfing from the 2023 winter season…

Dora wouldnt approve of AI

‘AL’ you see, as we immediately discovered in conversation with him, is absolutely not nothing as clever as the clever people make him out to be. In fact, that’s all he is, a collective collection of all the minds of the clevers mushed up together.

Excepting that…

These people are also not so clever. They have agendas. And narratives. That they believe in. And messages. And sales pitches. Almost every bit of information out there is biased or skewed in one way or the other. There are censors. Half-truths. Governments. Non-govts. Corporates. Big Pharma. Big Oil. Big News. These people control the narrative.

All of these people not only tell blatant lies for profit, but they also get clean away with it.

Let’s take the Brucifire example…

I prompted for a biography of Bruce Gold, from one of the many AL’s I am interviewing these days. The first AL had no clue, must be on the lower AWS tier. The next one came up with a readable bio.

I sent that to Bruce. And after his previous admonishment, the one that led us here today (about the true size of waves), this next one one as scathing. The biography was accurate, but so bland and weak. Styles were mixed up.

“Also sounds like a bloody computer wrote it.”, was Brucifire’s reaction all over again.

And then I clicked on the biography my mistake. Everything in the ai-generated bio was from somewhere and someone else on the internet. The click took me to the sources that were used. In each case, AL had taken information from websites of guesthouses. Surfing channels. Who are directly in it for the money or they wouldn’t be guest houses. Or surfing channels. Quite a few people use Bruce for advertising. Inadvertently or surreptitiously, this is how it has panned out.

Other sources used were from people that interviewed Bruce, but never knew a thing about him actually. But their information was used and presented as fact.

And then this information was mashed together by a super-computer somewhere, and given to AL to give to us.

It was pathetic. No flare. No human touch. No revelations. No opinion. no bias! Hahaha, it was totally boring. Those writers in Hollywood need not ever worry.

‘AL’ is dumb. And always will be. Because AL’s knowledge base is based on popular opinion and accepted consensus. And in a world where we still have shark nets, coal energy and wars…that make up the neural network of Ai…then put quite simply…

Ai is an IDIOT!

And that…is why we measure waves from any damn we you want. Especially if it’s for the money!

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