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Watch I’m Play Timewarp Surf Movie (70s) produced and narrated by Bruce Gold

Watch I’m Play Timewarp Surf Movie (70s) produced and narrated by Bruce Gold

Watch I’m Play Timewarp Surf Movie (70s) produced and narrated by Bruce Gold: Best surf movie you never seen! A glorious hour of surf and time travel. With perspectives and identities by Brucifire, many prime suspects have been captured here. On Super 8 sandy film. Living the dream.

Brucifire was a Pro Surfer

Yip! For one event, Bruce was goaded into competing on his Safari. By none other than Graham Hynes. For three bars of wax! Talk about a tarnished reputation.

And other stories…

What a throwback! It’s got Timewarp in the title for many reasons. And if you are interested in the good old days – how it used to be…this is your movie. Scenes from Durban and surrounds. And the beginnings of the JBay surf culture. How it was made. Right there on the beach and in the Milkwoods. Just like the surfboards.

The evils of development are laid bear with the blatant juxtapositioning of then and now. Let’d make no bones about it – it was much better in the old days. Before our ‘economy’ ate all the nature it could possibly find. Even the ecologically vital St. Frances dunes.


This movie features so many big names it really is like the who was who surfing encyclopedia of that era. Our local guys matching up with so many foreigners – resulting in the exchange of surfing technologies and revelations right there in those seaside bushes.

Even Wayne Lynch is in this movie! And (in no order) Midget Farrelly. Jonathon Paarman. Rex and Jen. Some Tomson kids. Ricky Jordan. Nat Young. Tannie Emela. Quite a few Americans. Some Hawaains. Fitzgerald and yes more Ozzies. Even a Kiwi or two. Some chick named Lynn.

Luckily Bruce identifies every single one of them. And drops a dollop of history and background for each and every character. Which is the thread in the movie that keeps you watching. And learning. All about how it all began.

Enjoy the picture show…

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