Ricky Jordan Feature

Ricky Jordan Feature

Ricky Jordan Feature: so lekker when old mates pop up suddenly!

Ricky Jordan
Ricky Jordan riding Cave Rock in the 70s…

Hey, Ricky Jordan rides again. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Styling there (pic below) with a Joel Tudor-designed David Nuhiwa retro fish. Nice and fat. And shaped by Stu Kenson, Stu Kenson himself. Sure. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And that’s Glen Darcy. Glenn Darcy. Artwork by Jono van der Veen, eh? Sure thing, Jono’s getting married in the morning!

Ricky Jordan and Brucifire
Ricky Jordan and Brucifire

At the Paradise Beach Ski Boat Club. And guess who’s the best man? The only good suit is a wet suit. Come as you are. Sure. Ha ha. Sign on. Aloha.

“Thanks, Bruce, but now How about giving us a bit more information about Mr. Ricky Jordan? Thanks, pal.”

Okay, Ricky Jordan was, uh, grew up north where he went to Beechwood.

We once picked him up on the way to Mhloti. He was hitching back from school towards town in the morning. Yeah, he was a little bit older than, uh, Shaun and Michael, and he used to win some of those little club contests, yeah. Ricky, hey, Ricky could go left, Ricky could go right. He was strong, he was a very powerful surfer.

Cave Rock, he made his name. People remember him from Cave Rock, naturally. Yeah. We used to all go down to St. Michael’s on the weekends. The Gallaghers used to take us down to St. Michael’s. Tucker and Kevin, yeah. And then Ricky did surf for Natal. He’s there and they won the Natal team. And that’s not all, he didn’t get into the contest scene too much at all.

Ricky Jordan (2nd on left) with some other guys…

And then he spent a lot of time there in Australia. Travelling man, yeah, so he was off the radar. But if you knew Ricky, you knew Ricky, for sure. Okie dokie, him and Espo. Hey, prodigies, and that Natal team, junior team, I think they were all in that same team as the Thompsons, and uh, Kevin Pond didn’t quite make it, Pecos, yes, as he was such a smooth surfer.

Yeah, I should have been there. Mark Matthews got into that one team. I remember that. And then, um, ah, man, Shaun and Michael’s big friend always came down to J Bay together. It’s just slipping my brain at the moment. Um, he’s in, he’s in ‘Watch and Play’ movie (click HERE to watch), yeah, Time Warp. And, um, Ricky is also in there at St.

Michael’s there towards the end of those big days. And then, Doing a good ol lift re-entry there in the Bay Bowl. Yeah, I haven’t got too much of our Rick in there. Oh, and then in that, sequence of that surf contest, I think it was the second one, pre-Winter’s one, when I was in the Natal,, Natal Championships, Gavin Rudolph was surfing in that heat, and Ricky at Bay of Plenty was so good.

Hey, and old, um, old Mr. West, old Greg West, made the first catamaran in Durban there. And he surfed a big wave there at North Beach. And old, uh, Esposito took off. And, uh, Kevin dropped right in front of him, Esposito surfed behind him, carried on. You gotta look closely in that Watch Him Play Time Warp movie, you’ll see that.

Okay, shine on, Shaloha.

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