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Taxi warfare spreads to Margate

Taxi warfare spreads to Margate

Taxi warfare spreads to Margate: add Margate to the list. Lusikisiki. Port St Johns. A few places in Mpumalanga. A few more places in South Africa. And this is what you get when you privatise vital government roles. And give them to private entities to manage and profit from.


Two taxis took each other on. Guns and other weapons. Dead guy in a taxi. Blood all over the place. And…an innocent bystander took a bullet.

This all happened exactly right outside the Margate Police Station. And in the videos…not one cop. It was reported, however, that eventually the area was cordoned off and traffic was flowing around the scene of the crimes.

The scene boiled over from the two taxis into an all-out faction fight.

Travel Warning

This is a travel warning to tourists visiting us here in South Africa. These are not random incidents. These are fights over routes. And money. By rival taxi gangs. And it happens all the time. All over. And it is just going to get worse.

This is what happens when you privatise government duties. This government has dug so many holes for itself and the people of South Africa.

Simply, avoid taxi ranks. And the violent towns.

Port St Johns update

So we have contacts in and around Port St Johns. That help us gather accurate news about sardines and the fishing. Nowadays they update us on the safety of the place.

They are all waiting for war. Nobody goes to town. The place has been deserted. The assumption of the people is that this is just the beginning. The level of kit and the absolute terror-style attack…means one thing…these people mean business. And they are coming back. For more blood.

Bulletproof vests. Police uniforms. Police cars. Automatic assault weapons. Yip, most of the kit and weaponry came directly from the cops. Or indirectly. But this tangled web has been years in the making and who knows who owns which taxi?

The future

Well, don’t catch any damn taxis. Rather walk. Or catch a government bus. Although you also might get shot at in one of those. Like they were shooting at the luxury coaches on the main Transkei roads a while back. Yes, the taxi gangs were threatening the national bus lines. Seeing them as direct competition. And taking aim. And opening fire.

You also still cannot catch a train. After all the fanfare late last year, the Shosholoza service has been cancelled again.

Luckily the Baz Bus has made a recent comeback. And you can still rent a car.

UPDATE: the violence continued at 6 am the very next day. Shots fired. Complete transport public service breakdown.

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