Plight of the Oyster Catcher on Supertubes Beach

Which Oyster Catcher Path don't you get

The plight of the Oyster Catcher on Supertubes Beach

Plight of the Oyster Catcher on Supertubes Beach: this mama Oyster Catcher has been making the news recently. As she is caught right in the crossroads of humans and dogs.

Keep out! This is a sensitive Oyster Catcher breeding area. They come back to nest here each season.

PLUS a Valentine’s Surf Session or two. Supertubes woke its sleepy self up for a few days as some swell made it all the way here. The usual suspects were there, including standout performer Bryce Burness.

Enjoy the picture show…

Plight of the Oyster Catcher on Supertubes Beach

The Lowdown

As the boardwalk is being constructed all along the beach near Supertubes, our most concerned resident is putting up quite a show. She does not want to be bothered by anyone!

Not humans, nor dogs! Especially not egg-eating and beach-shitting dogs!

She is the rare and endangered African Oyster Catcher. And she has two eggs in a nest. Right near where the boardwalk is being built.

Somebody in the boardwalk development team has taken a tiny amount of care – and put a few more rocks and sticks around those already put in place by the workers last week.

But there is a pathway (illegal?) onto the beach right where mama Catcher nests. Every year. Along with a few other Oyster Catcher families. This is their chosen nesting spot and needs to be cordoned off.

For good!

The boardwalk

Might it be for the greater good? Who knows what will happen with it? Either way, it is being built right now. And might stop the people from using the dodgy beach access path that leads right past this sensitive bird nesting spot.

The main problem being…the dogs of Dogtown.

The Dogs of Dogtown

This is the major cause of concern for our mama bird. Dogs are allowed by their owners to run wild on the Supertubes Beach. Sooner or later, one dog runs into one Oyster Catcher nest and we all know the end result of that.

Stay away from Mama Oyster Catcher!

Keep your dogs on a leash!

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