And The Bazbus is BACK!

And The Bazbus is BACK!

And The Bazbus is BACK!: whooohoooo great news for travelers as South Africa’s favourite backpacker bus service fires up all over again.

Safety first

In this country. And the Bazbus is all about assisting travellers to get around the country avoiding the many pitfalls and traps lurking out there in the wild that is South Africa at present. Lawlessness has broken out in many places and towns. The taxi violence of the moment stretches far and wide. At least they finally stopped shooting at the Intercape and Greyhound guys!

Traveler Advice

There are so many beautiful and safe places here in South Africa. And some that are to be avoided. Check back on this site now and then, where we will keep delivering contemporary traveller advice.

The Backpacker Route

The Bazbus follows the route you would want to take around this wild country. Cape Town. The Garden Route. The Wild Coast. KZN coastline. Mpumalanga. You can go in either direction. Door-to-door backpacker service.

Meeting people on the bus is when you can share contacts, information and advice. Nothing like word-of-mouth testimonials to keep you on the right track.

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