The Brucifire Surf Reports 2021 Season

The Brucifire Surf Reports 2021 Season

Well, it was a helluva lot of fun putting this quasi-live performance together with Brucifire this 2021 season of waves at JBay. A star-studded cast complimented the reporting and ranting. The odd sprinkling of beer and herbs gave the flavour and many laughs were posted.


The waves just kept coming too!

Bruce’s authentic camera shake was augmented with some donated and some stolen clips, controversy thrown in for free, many historic references and frames, some seriously cool artwork and commentary from a wide range of characters about the scene.

Lou Reed donated the theme track.


Well, the first obstacle was getting the echo off the Skype call. In the beginning, we thought it was cool but it wasn’t and after a few attempts, managed to get that right.

We never actually went live though. We did the recording live, if that counts. Bruce’s Skype feed came into my OBS Studio switcher, and we did assemble like a live show. This was real fun. And real challenging. But we never lost our cool with each other once and I think we managed a good 20 recordings or so. Which then were made into the Brucifire Surf Report for Season 2021…

The Brucifire Surf Reports 2021 Season in JBay mainly…

Yip, it ain’t all about JBay as Bruce took to the hills every now and then. It’s a natural way to stay sane from the workings of living in JBay. The Karoo, and the Kei feature.

We sure hope you enjoy the playlist. And you can look forward to another season of Brucifire Surf Reports as we move towards another JBay winter. After summer that is. Damn!

But ok, please spread the word, share this website with your friends. The shop will be opening soon!

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