Ai is a lie as confirmed by Dave Parmenter and Brucifire

Ai is a lie as confirmed by Dave Parmenter and Brucifire

Ai is a lie as confirmed by Dave Parmenter and Brucifire: a bit of fun poked at the Ai idiots. And the big-wave crew over on the North Shore.

Wasn’t me!

Ai is a lie

Sean – “A. I. is a proven liar, as far as Brucifire can remember.”

Brucifire – “Hey, good morning my ou. Oh, there comes the sun, little darling. Hey, look at that, eh? Must take a happy snap. Yeah, that’s it. The first thing that you typed out comes straight off some article there on the internet. It comes from one of those magazines. There’s a whole lot of stuff there, yeah. That’s just straight print off that flipping interview.

Yeah, I’m gonna take a few photographs of this sunshine now. Yeah. Lekka. And so you see, I use some AI. Call me L. On the Brucifire website. And somebody smelled a rat. Woo hoo! Thank you very much. Pourquoi? One more.

Thank you.

Ah, yes. Wave size. Um, well that guy, that guy, what’s his name? He did there, he married Rell Sunn. He, he wrote the best article that ever checked on Wave size. Oh. Dave. Dave. Um, anyway, he came here once, he bought a board for Midchy. I remember that. Um, he came out with Boy, with , with, with, um, Matt George’s brother.

Sam George. Yeah. Boy. Oh boy. Don’t tell him, but we called him Boy George. Hey, the boys like to talk. Yeah, uh, Dave Palmenter wrote the, the story. The first Hawaiians, the first Californians that went to Hawaii, they teased the Hawaiians that the waves weren’t ten foot, man, they were five foot. It all came to, it sounds like that article you wrote was written by some dumb computer who knows bugger all.

Yeah, AI. Who programmed him? Yeah, no, exactly, you see, so now the Hawaiians got a complex, and everyone called the waves a bit too low. But when the weather report comes, and the people say, oh, it’s only 5ft, you can go to the beach, well, you know, meantime, every half an hour, a 10ft set comes in, cleans the beach of all the trash.

Tourists. So now they can’t tell the tourists the proper way past. Anyway, a lot of controversy there. All righty. Cheers. AI is a liar,”

Sean – “An absolute liar. I asked him all about the safe conditions in J Bay during summer and never said one word about a cyclone. So, okay, we proved AI is a liar round about the whole way. But mainly the problem is that, um, it can give you bad information, bad advice, and you can get it completely bloody wrong.

In all of these situations, yeah, he got it. I got it completely wrong. So I don’t know what they’re talking about general intelligence, artificial general intelligence. The bottom line is this is a whole lot of data that this stupid little program can get to. It takes your prompt, works something out, and gives it, gives it back, like regurgitates it back.

But it’s taken from common knowledge of all people out there. And when you consider that most experts keep their secrets a secret, that means you never have to worry about Ai at ALL!


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